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Jesse Howard - Sessions lyrics


Flow like Squanto or Geronimo
Throw light poncho on my soul
Roads slippery. It's Raining acid
Spit a speech. It ain't cla**es
Rappers lookin at me hungry
Raptor's lookin at me glumly

Grab a snickers you lack a picture's
Sun scheme. to last a vicar
You scum. Scheme. Track the fissures
Sun beam

Roaches dried up Raisins Branded
Puns be poached scribed luck's
Brazened Scan this. Drums please

Art of War should have been the art of Rap
Pardon's borin spend the charge it's stacked
Heart attacks my heart attacks
Sparked the core charter that

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Got Cricketts in my head rigged with U.S Cellular
Drop Spicketts in my bed dig rip the pelvis up
Still breathin Dead or alive I still talk

Never when I spill hawk better in mind
k** scoffs. Feel undead a rotten corpse
Forgotten words I talk in chorus

Walk around feelin I'm out of space
Stop to sounds reelin from Outer space
I need a therapist feeling like a terrorist

They peep pictures like Rorshach tests though
Stayin sheepish shift the sore locked chest those
Movin lips no thoughts ome out
Losin quips so plot's run out

Pills can bend submission when you do it with Gra** sacks
Still remember drifting in that subaru hatchback
Chill man can you listen end a feud with a fat track
k** and end that written and I'll spew it with Hashtags


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