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Jesse Howard - Priceless lyrics

My head's set to explode a fuckin brainiac
Watch my brains go splat on a zany track
A fuckin maniac
A fuckin maniac

I drank the bad Kool-Aid and drowned in my recidivism
So shit the schisms split the "isms" and skepticism
I split the prisms script decisions to keep right and
Keep spittin this shit and keep enlightening

Spittin shit to make Dale Earnhardt come back form the dead
Grippin pics to make stale stern farts laugh like a sped
Theresa don't smack me I'm dead
Like Gandhi i think I lost it holding knives at the faucet

Trips to the closet grabbing ammo boxes and rifles
Stifling popping Vicodin with a Heineken to cock it
Told you I lost it but fuck it old news
Like Ken Block I drift around Mall cops; MC's

Small stops that bark at an "Ugly duckling"
Policing what I'm loving
Separated now but I love it
Heard some shit that could've took me to the cleaners

Sike shit I farted like when this bitch pulls out the penis
I feel departed since mom dumped out my fetus
Grew up came back when I needed
Then kicked me out to delete it

So all these stories I just dump
Through the Forests I just *gump*
I got the "Rickets" I spit this extra loud
Crickets hop to pitch I stressed the message how?

Pressure pressing down
Treasured texting to dispense the files
Plex and pile to dispense em now
Back on a road to dam with North Country Rivers

Working funky jitters outta North Country's litter
Strolled in dove from the ledge
My head swollen holding some jam
Standing up fingers up hold up my hand

I just hold up my hand

Gettin lost in clips laid in parts of it
At Harry's Hippie quickie festival gettin off at it
Grass here was medicine
Asking where my head has been but won't acknowledge it

Like when someone broke in the apartment again
How the fuck? it's hard to get in
Laptops parked in the den
That was smart shit *ahemm* fuck it
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I can spark spliffs again with tabs
Trippin hard with a friend
Some broads shittin hard in my den
Pants off for a man poppin it in

Fuckin slut only problem that I'm moppin the den
Just dropped my weed
"shit" pardon my french
I never give a fuck with these mental reparations

Better with a cut and my penciled separations
On MPC's and vinyls no synthesized credentials taken
Fast forward squat with a whore in the back of a van
Ass in my hand and stop in a store in San Francisco

Pants in Disco for flask and a beer and rock to the shore
Hop out the shelter and travel to Farmington
Take acid from Lisa Bieberman and flash to Vermont again
Like Larry Bird repeats a 3 to win; be creepin in hard again

My balance a dope rapper smiting my health
Challengers don't matter I'm fighting myself
I terminate shit learn to hate this
Yearn the payments I'm like the Punisher

On Coke blasts dope tabs suds n herb
Dumb n slurred percolate this
Stunning burbs like turbans raiding
And burning naked permed and shaven

I'm turning pages I monster mash it
Spit sick shit with sickness and ball laughing
A twisted bitch's sick kid missing digits
So stitch dicks with sick wits and...

I just went there so witness or start a commotion
I'd slop on the lotion might catch Coco Austin's exposure
Then lark and choke when charts are provoking
Fuck it slather quick lots of eloping

The latter's slick-Hard-Rock's when exposing
Crop props when they loccin and nod off at this spoken
*Ahhehhehhemm* Anyway "Where's the sawed off I could tote and a hundred bucks could make me plummet rush gotcha woken

I'm smackin these class acts smash and attack rap
Slappin a fag's ass laugh and I pass gas
Good Game
Chevy to Ford fast on tracks with Machete's on paths past

It's heavy I rap backwards
I'd smooch Rupaul's hand
Fall flat on the matress
Flat on my ass fast as the maverick's in Dallas after the match that decided the champs

My vitamins plants that I light in a trance
It's gnarly acts if hardly captioned

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