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Jesse Howard - Odditorium lyrics

Is this thing on?
Yea... uhhnn

Yo check the Maniac Brainiac in crazy action
Fresh I'm lazing back blazing tracks since I'm baked
I'm a hip-hop, disk flopping, hot spitting, floppy-disk-spotting-robot
On four blots of more hot shit dropping

Inkblots dripping objects
On mixed prophet-like written topics fisted
Bag bass

Kick-Dropping pitch
Stopping faggots shit talking
Take it back...
If they take offense to it

I just talk a lot in general cause there's a dunce spewed shit in Hip-Hop
Dunce crew bitches rocking

If I have to battle like this tell me where the Ice is
Get it? ISIS?
Cause when I scrabble and write this the flow is so hot it melts my mic gripped
Giving just enough time to defend myself before self destructing to prevent the welts

A perfect storm gunning to extend the self
I'm Desert Storm drumming to amend it felt
Rope it in, rap and tap it
Rope a dope, tap this and I extend the wealth

Go fish
I got my chips up
Yo... shit... don't get it mixed up
This is not a deck of war music

It's a tour loopin subjects like more moving round stores stupid
Cause when I drop updates about events, groups, and soaring-putrid-snoring-two-bit-whores, Coups and boring movements
I can score

"Swoosh" swish
Check my bars
Let me catch up
Raise this hard

Even JFK says look at the past or present you miss the future
Tell me where people forget to piece the news with the suture
Foretell the "Super-Suit-make-a-new-for-group-shooter-scoop" pitch

Robert O' Neill
When I shoot the poop shit; Osama Bin Laden
I recoup to spew this spilling blood on tracks like the rules switched
Shrewd mix sounding funky

"Gay FDA blood donors?"
Where's Nardwuar?
That's doo-doo-doo doodly-doo shit
Interview misfit so stoop this low and view the music

Yea... View the music...
Start it over DJ just cue this
Just cue this
Just cue this
Let me do this

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Being said let me spew this
I puke this

Han Solo; No Deuces
Got to "Deuce This Up"
Pro-motion in the ocean of other fish
Got low fins

I'm so powerful not an energizer mascot but out of this world
That's not a "has-not" or rap bought
Assault with battery almost dying

European probe
Tracking comets
And drop like past sonnets

"Philae" a record
When I blastoff, take it back, jot it
It's the cache

Yea it's the cache...

Look to tomorrow; Earth Spinning
Wheel of Fortune
Push into a Haro
Hollow Surf skimming

Deal with the Wharf Winds
Let me borrow your time
Don't gas me up with your lines
I got rhymes for the times

I just hear a bunch of "Shit talk" in Hip-hop & never got the time
Wrist watch
So check this plot
When I spit stop

It "tick-tock" clock in
Wiggity bam wiggity wam wam with it
Camped out *Bam!* *Bam!*
Spit this

This missile
Taught it
Whistling noggins

Miss shock of it
Hollow with the Glock

Meant force is what I record with this chorus
Meant force is what I court with this chorus
What I court with this chorus leaves what you thought destroyed

It's droppin
My Odditorium
Don't sleep in class
Missed plots

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