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Jesse Howard - Just Cue This lyrics

On my own two disowned and isolated shit's known name the price I paid it so I'm hitting trees like Huey choppers smoking on fire spliffs blown and spray on mics to say this cue in copters on the mic as high as I be need a parachute gravity pulls me down slow it down with the words roll an ounce of the herb just to sounds of the earth turning chilling illing I'm spilling the real and healing with rhythm ya feelin spark the dutch like pilgrims dock like plymouth's rock hard to the ground chasing dreams in sleeping bag prada based in scenes keeping raps proper

Stop to do this just to cue this just to cue this stop to do this just to cue this this music stop to do this with clues with...

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So like plumbers I get it crackin shit talking with stopping with talkin spit walking my writtens knocking quicken jotting to fix and drop with a nasty rhyme like Dr. Suess it be classic with time Sleep on my mic skills I'm charting ya lost broad horizons starting from top no light spills Verizon drops my pen echoes bars from the top. Then I keep walking in my Adidas switch to nike when I hustle applying weed with the cleanest meanings to keep this teeming with peace expressing when needed tested when reading sticks to tracks with monkey grip like holding Haro handles breaks sported if it flats coast like skateboard and it's flow rip thrashes funky mix sorted

Stop to do this just cue this just cue this
Stop to do this just cue this this music

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