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Jesse Howard - Hometown lyrics


Grew up in a frozen scenic but I have risen with speeches
That'll eat your stomach up and I'm never talking bulimics
Or other eating diseases just preaching before my thesis
That this crown has made me and I won't let it crumble to pieces

My attitude is rapacious I guess that it's just a feature
The kind of feature that makes your hands pump in those bleachers
That kind of feature that makes this beat bump in your speakers
But they ask why I'm so cold and why I feast upon the weaker

Then come up where I be and stand in 40 below
And then you can bitch about why my heart is so fuckin cold
It has only made me stronger a story that will unfold
And my crew has got my back to make sure that I will uphold

This is where I call my home deep up in that Northern atmosphere
Where to persevere is the only way to get outta here
It is not forsaken rep my home til I expire
Cause it's what made me and everything I inspire
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You can find Dudley Station where time travels
Slow and the nights post up waiting Public schooling cracked
Listen damn I'm just saying bibles mean nothing
You can't slang on the street in translation

The people push in silence some move too loud hence the sound of the sirens
The races blur together in a maze so crazy the race that matters is for the cheddar
Moms pushed rent to tomorrow when her checks were denied
I had my back to the wall when it came to hard times

I reached for the sky when I could see the sun
Made major moves to get out the fuckin town I was from
Hard to picture depictions of outsiders lookin in
Not knowin what it's like from the slums of Boston
Bullshit history and I just can't purge
Commit it to memory it takes me back call it reverse

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