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Jesse Howard - Dre Beats Pill Freestyle Ep. 2 lyrics

I live in the moment trying to own it
Get in my zone n find condolence
For the hopeless
I'm in motion trying to coast man
Reaching for these dreams I'm hosting toastin potions

Wanna be a radio show host again
Like back at universities past commencing
My favorite rappers unique verses please my callers asking
Send them drafted playlists after ending the last request man

I Think it's Back to school the teachers n students prolly think I'm a fool
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I'd smack with rulers but I'm too cool to act a fool and still rap to assets slapped to spew it

I say what's on my mind unlike most pussies and who view play this or rewind If I say it I mean it or I mean that I need it to me guess it's pleasing with time
Display the scenic cleanest scenery
Appeasing to the thesis of mind it reaches and I preach this with rhyme

Suckers be needing an abacus
Peep the Vocabularies my aberration needing no advocates accredited academics accentuate acclimate at accolades easing the adamance

Abundance of cash I'm getting stacking it realism is drastic fuck trustin that fafsa shit loans n no backin it. steal from me, casket ya goes for the hackin stuff still use karma for the abscess stuff leakin from back of ya. I Heal all my capillaries

I Fuck with the acme wishes. Passionately. You Haters needing some glasses fixed. You never near half as me you are just an average man. Turn y'all into acquiescent. Don't keep up with Kardashians. Go for dead presidents. Fuck all the majesties. Society's an act itself. Abundance of cash I'm getting. Vote for a president. Don't Fuck with the magistrates. Fuck all that's happening, There's so much damn cash to get. Feeling caged but a masta ace with my pace when I say it

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