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Jesse Howard - Dre Beats Pill Freestyle Ep. 1 lyrics

O bonde nao para
My Slow bungee flow sours
Yo something's don't matter
Global bumping no Porras

I wanna Fly Brazil so Give me
More Dinero and more commas for tokyo to Paris
Flights around the world n a sound girl So siyonara

I got this apple jack rap snapple packed bag raffled
I stashed scratch gabbled with matched gaps To scrabble phat raps i blast ratatatat
I'll have the last laugh battle evil in a cabbage patch fashion
1 man wrecking crew bad to black cats or superstition
Paddle a** with seniority of past pastels to splat whackness or faggot a** actors
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I've shot gats they blast atcha
U Confused? I'm dazed this is just madness backed pa**ion
Asian la**es with nice a**es n racks poonani tight naturally
I have to gab gatcha I tend to grab black gla**es for hangovers and hap hazards
A back in black master
Belt to smack like dapped chaplets grabbed to zap
Zappin like god with aftermath to nap
The hat trick to grapple backs
Sting of a scorpion Come here
I have to have it yea that chick I got Viagra for
And Not just waitress a** or fast action of taps at bars back of it
My lyricism is cla**ic like mr magic hard Havoc is tragic bastards
f** a plastic bag for bodies splattered charred when I finish n come back for revenge axe clatters so chat scattered cake for wakes I make like batterie acid and mate for dates latter is paced like shake n bake
I give platters poopoo on matters late for daze tattered lather in thought interplanetary. Saturn

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