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Jesse Howard - Challengers lyrics

5 minutes to flush I'm writing out

Yo challengers blow up f** ya homeostasis
I break cats backs flatten ya'll "splat"
Flat like flap jacks and no mike jackson thriller
It's iller than nilla colored scraps when my raps spat

Hey Silla they tracks whack I'm gorilla and mad as a midnight dracula at college feeling a spatula at mcdonald's wheelin a acura paying back his fafsa son dank smoking and wang chokin like frank ocean when flanks scopin the thang close when they take notes of it
Like Fatlip probably thinking I was gay

Ya hopin
Don't, ya wang scopin
I'm not
So stay hopin you got it

I create jokes when I'm sayin i'm gay probin so stop it
Hey I'm jokin
Say "hold on! That's ignorance in general to the game spoken; thinkin bout genitals to bring hopes to the latest focus!"

Nope slang's potent like Big l
Spray and coat with Ebonics;
Smokin chronic
Thoughts of trains broken
The dame's hoeing
Bonnets dropped to hang low with...

A troublemaker
Who gets his stuff stolen and sh** hacked to use Karma to get cats
Break 'em like Kit-Kats

A troublemaker
Who gets his stuff stolen and sh** hacked to use Karma to get cats
Break 'em like Kit-Kats

Hard or Soft

I'm pissed off and cold like ice cubes
But roll like Ice Cube; Spillin/k**ing the feelings
When I kick it in the real I might choose to deal
With a steel arm on a wheel with a vice proven
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Drill with a sk**; armed with steel to fight you
I am what I eat a meal I bite you
You feel? invite you
My mic's spoon f**in eat

The game is f**ed up
You'll get Da sh** In a State of Emergency
Life flights flu and I'll get you to stop rustling mics
You tussling quite rude and the mic slices

Hustle at night
True and I'm f**in tuckin a knife doing it
Here's some advice dudes stop juggling mics
You'll be peeled away with the feel of it's nights dude

Like flies under my shoes groove skid twice ruin ya life dude
Crumble your hard image and splice spewing thugs cry too and with heart to slice you in shoes fly

I'm shoeing
Yea, in the woods with an old pickup
Wheeling my bike dude or ATV
Feeling my plight cue in;
Real with a nice groove
No I don't like you wouldn't recite you

It's organized confusion
Like wearing red or blue and tricking it's meaning
I don't do it for posse's I just do it redeeming the values of Thuglife resembling peace and I gamble in streets

Disa**emble T.V.'s with it
Like 10 percent nation mixed with african and asian with it
Starting out early like Zulu; kick this speech
Spittin emcee; Emcee

Say my name if you need
If you talkin to me it's J. Howard

And at the end of it...
I might have a snowmobile there I'll just sled off

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