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Jeremy Dussolliet - Be Easy lyrics

[Intro: Loggy]
Yeah feelin' fantastic...c'mon
Man a group like this you never could've expected
Cocktail mixed with some Loggy and Kinetics

[Hook: Josh Cocktail]
So just relax
(Chill out here, man)
Lay back and be easy
Take your time, let it go, live freely
And be easy
(Oh, yeah)
You know

[Verse 1: Loggy]
Palm trees, palm trees where we sit and write
Strong drinks, strong drinks what we're sippin' right
They're on me, on me cuz we're living right
And who's saying that some new love can't begin tonight
Well I didn't, and neither did you
And we only got essentials, yeah reefer for two
And now you got me going mental, ain't a thing I can do
You're sinking deeper in my chest as I'm thinking of you
So the, the sun melts with a unified brilliance
I find words to describe you in the millions
Sweet subliminals, but you're a villianess
A sweet criminal, stealing all my feelings for yourself
And watch the shadows stretch across the pavement
And when the coastline wonders where the waves went
My thoughts surface, crept up from the basement
Giving me a hint that you know I'm going to take with

So just relax
Lay back and be easy
Take your time, let it go, live freely
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And be easy
(Kinetics in the headphones)
(C'mon, Kinetics)

[Verse 2: Kinetics]
Yeah, uh, I watch the sun travel over the sky
See how long I can survive without a phone at my side
And in this moment I can flashback, back to my youth
Imagine a Blackberry and fathom an Apple as actual fruit
Speaking of apples, I love the city I reside
But why these people kill themselves over their 9 to 5's
All these items that are guilded aren't gold inside
How much lifestyle must you buy before you feel alive
Those dreams covered in glitter couldn't be hollower
Even without a Twitter you're still considered a follower
So if I was starry-eyed, sorry I apologize
I just hit up Loggy for a collie-ride

And we took a pair of headphones from the East Coast (Kinetics)
And a little Cali bud from the West (yo it's Loggy)
And stirred it up inside a Cocktail
And then we ended up with this, be easy

So just relax
Lay back and be easy
Take your time, let it go, live freely
And be easy, yeah
You know
Lay back and be easy
Juat take your time, let it go, live freely
Be easy (woo, woo, woo)
Just relax, lay back
Be easy
Take your time, let it go, live freely

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