Jennette Mccurdy - Jennette McCurdy & Rex Powers Rap Battle lyrics

Jennette McCurdy & Rex Powers Rap Battle lyrics


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[Verse 1: Rex Powers] I'm hot but I ain't takin' this back 'cause everybody knows that chicks Can't rap. I'm so cool I make thermometers drop But with my lyrics so hot, I make thermometers pop 'Cause me, I always get things poppin' and you Should stick to shoppin'. I battle better, but they all Came and went, 'cause face it Sam, You'r the opening act And I'm the main event [verse 2: Jennette McCurdy/Sam Puckett] Oh, how cute a little rappin' puppet, SIKE, You'r more like A rejected Muppet. But, I'm so famous, you can buy my name In a blog, but, not you homie Rex, is a name of a dog Move over hippies, you respect of my respect, wan't me To think you the bomb, but, when you get all You'r clothes at Tween pants dot com. Well too bad lil' Rex, all I can say is "Sorry Charlie", but You'r freestyle ain't nothing compared to ICarly! They all heard you rappin' and they were like "Meh" And then I showed up and everybody's like "YEAH!" So, face It Rex, you couldn't even rap if I stapled his lips and, took his Hands out yo back!

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