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JCAL - Enemies lyrics

[Verse 1]
Lone rides, stoned vibes, ripped shoes I better close ties
With negative energy, blow flies
Keep circling, I got a cold mind
I gotta call mine when they come around with them demons
Told 'em Toyotomi don't need em
With the blade stuck to my feelings
What's the issue man?
You told me before I was blowing up that you'd be the only one showing up
Now that I'm coughing up lungs that can't hold enough
When you were calling me up in the studio I'm passing these suckers like Rubio
Playing my cards like it's Yu-Gi-Oh
Making it rain on these stupid hoes
I never smoke up a doobie tho
Eat up the pussy like sushi roll
I try to make change for the better and get It together now that the winter has changed to the summer
Better ask myself if I wanna
I don't even got a tax file number

I gotta get rid of my enemies
Get rid of this negative energy
And If you're telling me I can be what I imagine
Imagine what happen
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One blink of an eye now my lifestyle is lavish
One blink of an eye turn these putas to Spanish

Verse 2:
One time one time
Chain on my neck I don't hang mine
Laugh at you suckers with gang signs
I'm gifted from toe to the neck
Disrespect you get hang time
Bang time
I protect mine it's been prime time
It's been my time you get served quick 'cos it's fine dine
When I say boy pipe down coz you ain't boy
I mind if you get on the same line but you ain't grind
3 songs on the same day I don't get paid for this rap shit
1k for my show hope these home fans love bastards
I'm pissed off coz my dad left and I'm pissed off coz I'm so nice
And I'm pissed that these blow flies
I never owe mine like oh my I'm gone ma
I don't know where but I'm gon' there and I'll get it quick coz I'm so done
And it's sold out and it's so dumb

[Chorus] x2

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