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JBrave - JBrave's Outro lyrics

So here we are, friends
This is the end of "Live From the Bottom of the Pyramid"
Wait, did I call you friends?
Never mind, I meant fools
I meant something else that starts with F & has another word that has an I
It's called "FUCKING IDIOTS"!
Alright, now I know that you made it through to the end
And you're thinking to yourself once again, "The music wasn't that bad"
Well guess what?
That's why I called you a f**ing idiot!
I mean, did you hear "Orleans & York"?
It just sounded like he was using that little bouncy ball
Remember when you were a kid & you used to watch TV shows?
And they'd have a song, & they'd be like "Sing along, kids! A-HYUCK!"
And they used to have that little bouncy ball?
That's what he used!
Either that, or he was using cue cards!
I'm gonna guess the latter, because if he used the latter then that means he's not really a rapper
Then the 2nd song, OH MY GOD!
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I didn't even listen to it!
Just the title, "Cosines With Einstein"
Now first off, he's using the math cosine!
And let me tell you something, I've never seen this man use math in my life!
And if he used the other one, that means he brought Einstein back from the grave
And Einstein WILLINGLY signed off on this!
Which means either Einstein's really stupid, or Kris James is
Because he can bring people back from the dead, but he hasn't to, oh I don't know, use this & sell it in order to make actual money
And then with the last song, "Eternal"
First off, if there's anything about this that should be eternal, it's its a**-s**itude!
It's its...dick-s**iness!
And also, did you hear the buzzing it it?
Jesus Christ!
Did he have a swarm of bees or Raiden from Mortal Kombat directing the microphone in the recording that day?
Now look, I know that we all have our own opinions
But listen folks, at the end of the day...this is sh**, OK?
That's all that matters
So, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna do something productive with my life
I'm gonna go exercise, something that half of you listening to this probably have never heard
I'll catch you never, or probably in the graveyard, pissing on your graves
[Opens, then closes door]

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