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JBrave - JBrave's Intro lyrics

Da Da
A-La Di Da Da
A-La Di Da, Da Di Da Da Di Da Da
A-La Di Da Da, A-La Di Da Da
A-La Di Di Da Di Di Da Da Da Da Da Da
A-La Di Da Da, A-La Di Da Da
A-Chimichan, A-Chimichan, Chimichangas!
A-La Di Da Da

[Verse: Kris James]
Check it
My words make you feel like you're ascending
Anybody else you pray to God that it's ending
But I didn't start this looking for friendship
I came here to wreck shit & conquer
Why yes it's me
I'm Kris James, black Bruce Lee on beats
The future "Mr. Putting Asses In Seats"
Telling weird ass tales like I traveled with both Petes
So just sit there doing nothing like Bo Peep
As I demonstrate how to constantly own streets
With no heat...

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Hello, beautiful capital wasteland known as the internet!
This is JBraveLondon & I am here to tell you about "Live From the Bottom of the Pyramid"
Or as I like to call it "Humanity's Worst Mistake!"
Now, when you're gonna listen to this Music right here
You're gonna listen to probably listen to 2 or 3 songs & you're gonna be like, "Hey, that's OK!"
But then you'll realize, "Wait a minute. I wasted FIVE HOURS of my life with this shit!"
'I could've been somewhere, I could've done something, I could've gotten a girlfriend!"
But let's be honest ladies & gentlemen, that last one I said you're not doing at all!
Because you're sitting down, you downloaded this & you're listening to this in...FULL detail! may be saying to yourself
"Uh uh, wait a minute! You can't make fun of me!"
"If you do, I'll send the FBI on you, & I'll make sure you never work in this town again!"
Well first off great, cause FUCK Baton Rouge, alright?
Second off, you don't even know me!
I'm some guy who's projecting his feelings from the internet to you
So, if you wanna try & find me, you can do that
But please know, I have trained in Gorilla (Guerrilla) Warfare
I have trained with Donkey Kong, OK?
And I have learned the secrets of the Barrel Throw
So, you may listen to this if you want
You're listening to this right now
You can listen to the rest of this mixtape if you want to
But don't worry, because no matter what happens just always know:
No one will ever love you!
That's why you were left at the side of a river!

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