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JBdaPilot - Paint A Picture (Intro) lyrics

Today we're going to be talking about color theory
And I'm very excited today about this
Because um, you know when I discovered color theory
It really opened up a whole new world of color for me
And I'm just very excited to be sharing this with you today

[Verse 1: JBdaPilot]
They ain't know I was an artist, truly I confess
Got a mindstate of a convict, if it's conflict, then I'm Artest
No contest, they ballin', but the comp is missing
Yeah I'm pompous, I won't cave, I'm convex
Skills of Da Vinci what I do with lines
Keep in mind I'm Michelangelo with every rhyme
Raised in the church, passages had to tat ‘em now
Every sixteen is like the Sistine Chapel
That's way over your head, just look up and I'm there boy
But they still sleeping, got me feeling like a headboard
Get off that mattress, I'm on fire, no matches
I make flame, with my great name, it's J.B. you bastards
I'm here, can't nobody stop it
I'm with your girl in public, and she want to fly private
With the Pilot, The Pilot, another fresh pair I'm in
The flyest, and rare Airs, no wonder I'm so arrogant
[Hook: JBdaPilot]
Let me paint a picture, tell me what you see
I'm about to draw the greatest, would you tell me if it's me
Every bar a different color, I ain't worried ‘bout my image
I'm just an artist tryna share my vision, let me paint you a picture

[“Paint The Picture”: CeazTheKid]
Paint the picture, nigga
See all these sneakers? My diamonds?
Got Damnit all these colors
I know you see this shit nigga

[Verse 2: JBdapilot]
My daddy wasn't there, Momma was never home
Parents just don't understand, tryna be a man all on my own
Don't let me get in my zone (don't do it), if David killed Goliath with a stone
I'll go at ‘Ye and Jay both for the thrown
It's Rome ho, you know that, please let your man know
Every time they play his record, I be Van Gogh
I can't hear ya, only few I want to feature
‘Cuz I…Rockwell, I'm about to go "Beyond The Easel" (sheesh)
That's Art History, let me change the mandate
[Lyrics from: https:/]
This poetry is portrait like, that's why I run my landscape (Wow)
Si padre, we doin' it muy grande
For the Dolåres, go hard as Tiki and Ronde
My brothers ballin', just watch us, we hoping time pays
Beats by Andre inspire double entendres
They ain't got nada on me, who hotter, you not at all
Prada my wallet, the Devil wear, and I'm Molotov

[Hook: JBdaPilot]

[“Still Gettin' This Money”: CeazTheKid]
Still gettin' this money, all that green
Yellow-bones, red-bones
Vanilla skies
Niggas look blue! Damn!

[Verse 3: JBdaPilot]
Picture, that I painted, show ‘em how I made it
Mic is like a canvas, make a mural out of my haters
Then I put ‘em all in my halls wall, everyday's a war dog
In my city, guns drawn, that's Pop Art, no Warhol
You niggas just on call, Me? I been clocked in
Everyday I'm gon' ball, you see it ain't no stopping
Me, Pocket full of Islam, all about my profit
Word to Muhammad, Insha'Allah we gon' get it popping
And I'm ‘bout to save the game with Mile High my apostles
Step back, see my vision, ‘cuz the flow is so Picasso
That's abstract, back back, you just copped it, I had that
You just not what Rome is, I mean the thrown his, matter fact
Quote this, “I'm so sick, too ill when I wrote this
My flow piff, I'm so dope, I be too chill, but I'm focused”
Like 2Chainz I'm getting it, it's mine, I spend it
With 2 dames, I'm getting brain, they minds, I'm in it
Style is so authentic, I never play the swingman
Fly without a cosign, I never need a wingman
I met some fellas, couldn't help it, they was jaded
No relation to you fam, I guess success is what you make it
Ain't no more excuses ho, every song I have to kill
The truth is though, I can't be illusive with this mass appeal
This rap for real, I'm not gon' lie, little niggas talking ‘bout popping 9's
Little niggas probably wanna take my spot, but it ain't gon' stop, I'll die for mine
Mile High, I ride for mine, too bright how I'm not gon' shine?
Haters probably wanna take my life, nice watch, let me take my time
‘Cuz I can't get that back, so I put it all in my rhyme
Trill nigga a dying breed, I'm the last of my kind
So when it's all said and done, I'll be #1 with this grind
The game's got no name on it, picture painted, I'ma make that mine

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