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JBdaPilot - Before The Paint Dries lyrics

[Verse 1: JBdaPilot]
Sharp mind, got me on the edge
This is it how it feels when you on the ledge
Waiting to blow up, I got places to go
Questions of my return, I tell em, “I'll never know.”
Don't miss me when I'm gone, love me while I'm here
And I ain't made it yet, so everything is still sincere
Every feeling is real, genuine emotions
I know you ain't just going through the motions
But it's like, the team over everything, dream over everything
Xbox, we just put the green over everything
Once you in the game, you know you can't restart it
They say fame isn't for the weak hearted
But, I got fantasies that gotta meet reality
And, a lifestyle not fit for a salary
Promise not to forget me, I promise to stay the same
And as long as you remember, I promise to never change, I'm sayin'

[Hook: JBdaPilot]
We about to make history, could you please turn the lights down?
This the life that was meant for me, I dream about it every night now
They say tomorrow's never promised, so before I put the mic down
Swear I never forget you, and the memories of right now
Tell me that you'll always remember me
Remember me, Remember me
No matter how it might sound
I just hope you remember me, the memory of right now
[Verse: 2 JBdaPilot]
I'm so focused on these metaphors and similes
Lately, I've been beefing with my inner me
Pictures of my ex with my enemies
Nothing brighter than that moment you begin to see
That lightbulb flash, baby what's the deal?
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You just wanted to party, and I just wanted to chill
You just wanted some pills, and I just wanted the bill
Open spot in my heart, and I just need it to fill
Told you I wasn't faking, told you that I was real
Now all I got is these scars and I just need ‘em to heal
I ain't bitter, I ain't trippin'
I won't forget, but it's forgiven
You was losing so long girl, you couldn't recognize a winner
But, every end is a beginning
And a stranger is never what I intended to be
I just hope you still remember me, i'm sayin'


[Verse 3: JBdaPilot]
Every fan of these lyrics that I shell out
So many bars, that my flows need bailed out
Shows'll be the only thing I sell out
“J.B. you the greatest!”, will be yelled out
But it's a few that's been here from the start
It's no higher honor from the bottom of my heart
If you stay in my corner, I keep on playing my part
I'm at the top of my game, but I'm climbing from the bottom of the chart
So, when you see me on that Billboard
You know we did it, yeah, we did it
That's everything that I live for
I admit, I admit it, I just want to make you proud
I want you to believe, play my song repeatedly
Don't give up on the potential that you see in me
So, let it show if you if you with me
Know you remember baby, how could you forget me, I'm Rome


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