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Jazz Liberatorz - Oneiro lyrics

[Verse 1: Ray Jets]
I went from loser with the long braids
To college pop and skinfades
Now the women chase
Its craze
My double decade
In age
Has changed me
Things looking different, friends and foes rearranging
Now they ask me what's my occupation
Basic, I rap, represent sweet boys and skaters
Weak dreamers wishing they could blow major
No time for mistakes
Best come correct like space,word, asterisk
D-double-O-R some basement kids
We just tryna' get your ears to lis'
More specific miss
This is Ray Jets, Raptum and K-Def
Tryna' rise in the east and set in the west
Cos' we bound to be the hottest out son
We trendset and flick the pen like none
Make ya hy-hy-hyperventilate
The content pop your lungs
Then again our content
No one can contend
But we can pretend
Just to ease the mind for you gentle-men

Short for oneirology
[Lyrics from: https:/]
The scientific study of dreams
Can also be related to oneirism
Absentminded dreaming whilst awake
Please take this time to breath in your current reality
As you will soon enter the mind and dream realm
Of Ray Jets

[Verse 2: Ray Jets]
Got dreams I'm tryna' live in
Like my back to the bed and Dicaprio in my visions
Smooth like cruise
Every moves a stealth mission
Cos' mum won't approve of the mic killing for a living
At least I ain't getting sunk by bricks
Hood niggas like witches in the village
Message to my loved ones
There is no circumference
Why confine trust and time to circles and numbers
I think deep to spray the least
I be the lamb tryna' stray from the sheep
Who follow in the hundreds
Damn I see them in my sleep
A lot of peeps only speak for your discomfort
Protect your neck
I never second guess
Friendships nowadays like russian roulette
Cos' backstabbers will shake you with they bloody hands
You got to learn how to budget fam
Cut your losses
Stack wise
Question your profit
It's all about the righteous path and higher knowledge

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