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Jazz Liberatorz - Ninety Three lyrics

Tell em what it is what it is what it is mane
Uh, Uh
Chea (haha)
Uh, Uh
Delete all the ad-libs

[Verse 1: AbstraK]
I spit the sh** you think is meaningless
Ignorant as f** and don't know what the meaning is
I mean it kid
I've been bad since a nino and
Busting tires off the El Camino, hot boxing in my friends Benz
We just trying to make ends
Never thought sh** through, but knew how to make dollars out of cents
Never buss led, but ain't afraid to buss led
Crack a bottle bust a n***a head
Or Busta Rhyme or f** a b**h and bust my head
I just miss my little sister and big cousin's
Wanting me to be buzzin
But on the mic cussing instead
As a youngin always hustled ahead
See, its mind over matter
If I don't mind it don't matter
See my sections flow like cut bladders
Ima ride on this clear gla** until my past shatters
Preaching to the choir pa**ing weed to the pastor
Watch him inhale
Will it send him to hell faster
Catch the holy ghost like Casper
Sipping from the holy grail
Holy smokes, they just hoping he fail
Instead of wishing for well
They snitch and tell
Next day, saying free my n***a in jail
Big up to Biggavell
Rain snow or hail
b**h I do it, well

b**h I do it well
I do it well
I do it well
I do it well
Rain snow or hail
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b**h I do it, well (Let me do that one more time)

[Verse 2: AbstraK]
Living in a world full of greed
Where there quick to get the cheese
But ain't quick to get degrees
They degrade my soul
But can't take my soul
High grades I blaze, stay laced with gold
Keep my mind on my money, and my money on my mind
Honey's claim they love me fine
But they ain't getting a dime
Unless she a diamond in the ruff and I'm a ruffneck
Notarized notorieties
Deities mixed with Socrates
Physiologically I feel like God is locked inside of me
Watched from every angle like "Eagle Eyes" stalking me
So society won't let you move privately
So your privacy is online piracy
My philosophy is "f** the world" my dream are my reality
Casualty, a**ault battery, all this blasphemy
Battling my sanity
Backtracking innocent thoughts known as humanity
The vanity
p**y Money Weed is my family
Rack on racks getting fat like calories
Laughing at you n***as while I'm blowing all my salary
Pothead Johnny Appleseed,
Bad b**h like Amerie, and she fine as hell
Me and my n***as rolling deep like Adele
Getting high all you need is the smell
And we doin' it, well

That's about it
I'm coming over there now

b**h I do it well
b**h I do it, well
I do it well
Rain snow or hail
I do it well

(Alright one more time, I'm a do one more take)

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