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Jazz Liberatorz - Heal lyrics

AS I induce emotions, through a pen on a pad
Mold words to a world bridge the gap
For you to cross over , travel through the track
Conscience content to make contact with yourself
The other half that the world stole, made to believe paradise got a toll
Confused in the cold
Not sure of your role
Flying in an abyss till the time you hit the floor
So I spit fire, every verse
To burn my hell with every work
And every verse illuminates this world, caste away shadows lift the curse
So let the rhythm grow, believe me
Trust the vibe though you can't trust your kind, or those divine
I hide no knives between these lines, Though blunt but severe neck ties
Set you free…
As we roll with the hits, purple lips stretch a mile, toothless grin
Saving for an angel though fairies are a myth
You believe in miracle? Twist realities that I grip
Not entirely though, spit truth with a different flow
Like the half filled glass I hold
Fools focus on the glass can't surpass, spill spirit and lose their half
So this is cheers to the night
Built dreams and stay awake
Cause tomorrow be mourning/morning
Helpless cause day/they break
So yeah I am hung over and I am over reality
Turned off when she is turned on
Cause all she wanna do is fuck with me
Guilty, yes I be
Obsessive me
Blowing my ego repeatedly
A sucka in vain I try, to leave but I
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Exists through her else existence is a lie
So I drift off
Like fuck it
Newd butterflies
Quit bugging
Jumping channels
Can't evade the drain
What you looking is Elsewhere, reset Game
And now we back to the cesspit
I know you brave but your stomaches weak
Survival instints, you need more green
Still beef with the world as you tryna eat
As you tryna reap, fruits of your labour
But they mislead
Interest you In an apple, put you in a pod
Run their weird machines watch as they charge
While we cross, paths with lab rats, searching mad stacks
Little bunnies that live in a black hat
Cat scans for bells that weight down you back
Steps stale. Checked. Reflection strike no match
So strike a match
Lit, torch hollow thought torjan horse
Appirate waltz through walls
Pop pandora's vaults
A pinch a salt
Side step the sink, breathe in and shake it off
I just want you to heal
For real
Strain the lead, curb the poison spread
Before you loose your part and then your rest
Etch the poison to hope you ain't by yourself
I just want you to heal. HEAL

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