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Jazz Liberatorz - "DA ViNCi" FREESTYLE lyrics

Spatial buddha levitate on top of Gaia
Imagine your deepest desire
Start the fire, learn to see thru Maya
Inner child inspire, come fly high
EYE be taking you higher

Style is ferocious
Leave flaws in corpses
Sorceress said the future is golden
Mind deeper than the ocean
Feel the motions

Only angels in my presence
Sipping wine in fine linen
On a flower bed
Making love is heaven
The way EYE bless the pum pum
EYE must be a reverend
Draw a nose between her melons

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*jheez* eating tiramisu on a boat
Fly to Milan just to change in clothes
Take the train for a photoshoot in Rome
Visit Fontana della Pigna
Then EYE am back on road

EYE bust rhymes like EYE am on the transit
Use the mic as a wand for white magic
Ready for peace with military tactics
Always keep six, protection established

EYE take strolls on the London Bridge with a peng ting
Dem man ah know its madd ting
Ten toes down, EYE came here to win
Soaring the clouds like Aladin

Sauga city the Spatial city, ride with me
At the age of thirteen, EYE found a nine millie
These bullets fat like Big Pun or Mark Henry
Lyrical shots at your dome paint Da Vinci

[Paint Da Vinci x3]

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