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Jazz Liberatorz - 7 lyrics

[Intro: Na.westside]

You know cool kids don't smoke man
We already high , turn my headphones up
Peace , love and light
Peace , love and light

[Verse 1 : Na.westside]

Picked up the pen when i was 7 , started building my staircase
To heaven but forgot, shit was getting hectic
Fuck the struggle I just want a gold necklace with a watch to match
Momma rushing to the job where the white people at , appealing isn't the mission im just tryna me fuck it
Im just tryna be free , who said you can't fly ?
The a got damn lie nigga angels got wings
So ima sky dive , fuck the people who say no
Forget the people who say
Slow your roll because life ain't worth living
Because I wanna be me is that a bad thing
Because i dont smoke weed am i a cool teen
Because i live inside the 30's am i a dope pheen
Menace to society , because my hair nappy why
These jobs won't hire me
The struggle is my resume'
I got the odds of being killed almost almost every day
Walking out the house see a red dot flash my way

[bridge : Na.westside]

Ducking and diving
You never none of my niggas
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Shucking and jiving
But striving to make it out for success
I just wanna change a life before a hole my chest
Before a hole my chest before inside my chest
Ayee , ayee , ayee

[Verse 2 : Na.westside]

I heard the sky is the limit and life gave me lemons
Living in a broken system
Where the devil is a christian
Shit so backwards , so i fade away i pray to god
He take me back to 2008 , i had everything
New j's and the corner store diamond earrings fighting for one thing
Just to be free , who would save the world without king
Queens crying every night because they can't go to sleep
They toke they dreams away , baby they toke mine too
Baby they toke my mine too
You ain't alone beautiful , you ain't beautiful
I just wanna spend some time with you, im tryna live like water
Because you wine so sweet, but you get a little mean at times
But im focused on this money fuck love at the moment
Cause every time i find her she just not the one i wanted
I swear shit change , shit you changed too
I been thinking bout all the shit we been through
Oh you got the juice now looking cute now
Ass got fat you two faced tryna get cute now remember where
You came from, never forget the things that changed you
Remember love is a blindfold that we just gotta see our we though
And fuck these temporary hoes ,cause one day ima find you
And even thou i play with they , i never really mean too

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