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Til I wrap her up ima put it through her
Tongue up on my neck bae you know I'll do ya
I'm a deader version christ man ima ruler
I think I'm frieza baby
Maybe ima cooler
Shutup, shutup man ima choker choker
See me riding high while she rides my shoulders
See my silhouette like the cold will fold ya
I'm passing out, bodys moving slower

Ya I look bad as hell
Caught me back but you know me well...
Let me see hard mirage
I'm like back to you and it pulls me hard
Let me see sand like ice...
Cool me my stunner
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Let me see violence still
Come on, come on that's my runner

And I know things are good
I won't hold you back or keep you still
Everythings all cement
And I'm back to you like I believe that shit
Ima be asleep for now
I don't think u can leave me now
Cuz I'm coolest still
Like chosen one
My egos black

And I sold my soul
Ya I paid for that...

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