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Jayyeah - BOBBY BRIGGS lyrics

I think I'm Bobby Briggs // 90s chopper
I think I'm floating on the water call me Laura Palmer
Call me Ayanami
Find me drinking Fiji water while the lights are on me
And my eyes are violet
And my tongues a saber
And the visions faded
I'm the perfect body pleading for you girls to save me
Let me touch your legs and your legs
Sick me on your bleeding body like its meat I crave...

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Let me touch your legs // final crisis
Can I tether to the system with no one behind me???
Am I hot or is it just the icy bodies by me???
I think I'm perfect in the 5th dimension springs eternal
How this phase springs eternal // I think I'm springs eternal
I found 2 bodies in my bed I think I'm dead
I think there's 2 of me
I think there's 2 of me
I think I'm here with Audrey
I think I'm Laura Palmer...

Do the dance // call my number...

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