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Jayyeah - BluntsInTheGraveyard lyrics

Blunts in the graveyard, just Bones, feeling so at home, ash on the tombstone

[1st verse]
(Blunts), Blunts in the graveyard, that's just Bones (Bones), feeling so at home ash on the tombstone (Stone)
Tales from the crypt I could tell you bout' it all (all), TeamSESH on the wall skeletons in the hall (hall)
See I O.D (D), and then I go to sleep (yeah), wake up in a week with some gold on my teeth, I'm dead
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So now you cannot kill me, (no) no ghosts on the flo', bullets go right through me
[2nd verse]
See, I don't need a nine cause I'm good with that knife, got my name on the blade so you know who took your life (Bones), Columbine when I strike, reptile in the night (night), I'm frozen, sub zero in my ice (ice)
My wrist bling blingin', my long hair swingin' (yuh), I'm feelin' like Wayne back in 98' spittin (SESH), no limit soldier, blowing on the douge (yeah), in the back seat of that all black rover (rover), in that all black rover, in the back seat yelling no limit soldier (yeah), actin' like I'm from the no, but i'm not, thought I told ya.. (bitch), (we ridin') (yeah) (we slidin') (what) (we ridin') (SESH) (we slidin') (bitch)

Diamonds, money, murder (what)
Bitches causing burners (yuh)
Love, hate proportion (fuck), life death extortion (aye)
No hell no fucking Heaven (yuh), just a loss of a fucking legend ' . (Aye) (yeah)

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