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Jayyeah - ARI'S BACK lyrics

Last September throwing up my lean
Now I keep a tank around me
Find me in the Honda baby beam
Driving while your hands are on me
Triple on the corner babe freeze
Now I think my name is frieza
Its your body ya you gave it to me
Don't ask me why I'm so conceited
Cuz you were like oh bae don't let me go
But its never for me to give it up though
You were like oh can u bring it slow
And I was like ya bae I'm always cold

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I'm a stunner bae...

Diamonds in my hand like the gucci mane
I'm the psychic pilot of the gundam man
And I'm out the 'rari // Ari's back
Call me 7 // goldie's back
Stunner cold // really bad
Frieza bb // blowing stacks
I think I'm frieza like I'm sure I'm bad
Buy a gundam and I paint it black
And I always suffer and I never act
And its GTA and I'm blowing stacks

And you were like oh bae don't let me go...

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