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Jayton D. Oliphant - Photon lyrics

[Verse: 1 - Jay-T]

Different morphology no need to acknowledge me
Morph no moon stone bloom don't consume any perfume
Concentrate don't evade, no one is a saint, give me the track and I was like great
Eating feeding breathing, always kneeling people be peeling fakeness
Filtrate it's not too late, no debate, cause your fate
Looks so great
But you have a choice to sit and make a noise
Or work like Agent Broyce separate the man from the boys'
Obsequent your oblicant
Notion life is never inert infect life is a never ending test
So make the best of what you poses if you confess you shall progress
Cause you're blessed regardless of the four fathers cousins etc. let me speak about (ME)
Limp less solider but I stand up bolder don't want no exposer magnificent
White stone always minding my tone don't see where this is going I'm out and blown
School of excellent imam make that my home homie

[Verse: 2 – Romeo]

Straight a light particle shining upon all them haters
Strength I got is to eliminate the eliminators
When am struck and then I, retaliate and then I
Prove that I deserve a spot to be one of the greatest
All support of Geluksdal has never been to traitors
Thanks that you support all the opportunity makers
To up my frequency of my sound agency
Flow so great and my flow will so be accelerated
When am done am never ever gone be underrated
Now that I am shining, borders that am lining
When I know I made it I know am never be faded
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Faded like all faeces when people feel constipated
Strive to be the best, survival of the fittest, supernatural
Existence walking on the waters, so venereal spit sick right to the chorus
That am an amateur spreading pestilence at the borders

[Verse: 3 – Kella-G ]

Infinity ellipses…My spark will never die
Process of my hydrolyses…Provide Light till I'm dry "Kella"
How much more clearer do you want me to make it? Should I fake it?
Pretend it never happened, or sugar-coat mistake it?
Should I look beyond its imperfections and gold-plate it?
Should I lose myself in the process of trying to gain it?
There's one way to say this…Your role's available
But you can't play it
You've overplayed your part and at the end of the day it was all so ironic
You gotta be okay with getting hung up on the phone, getting played with
Much more earlier than expected, at the latest
If great's not greater than the greatest, insane's an understatement
But let's take a race…down the track…to a while back
When you told me all I'd own would be a shack
When you made it very clear, for as long as you're here that I'd never get to lead the pack
But I'm arising from the culture and I'm proud to say there's nothing I cannot conquer
I'm about to give it all away, the minute I became a vulture, what a sculpture, what a life I portray, I'm distant but I ought to, Attract closer than I'm taught to, I'm an auto-graph
More auto-graphic than my other half, “WHAT I HAVE?”
Is what they wish they had, but will never get. Don't make me laugh
I'm the most obedient ingredient in the cake, and believe me, I am great
You're aluminium, but you fake! Just wanna celebrate, the fact you hate
On what you debate, I'm a make it clear to you. Seven ain't never gon' be eight
You sick at a medical rate, you need a miracle shake…
But you gotta inhale and breathe, till the moment you see me…
Not break, making no mistake and motivate. (Giggles)

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