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Jaytekz - Over Again (Remix) lyrics

Yo, these memories--they come.
These memories--they go.
You can't relive them twice,
And that's what hurts the most.

I held you close,
But now I never see you.
I guess it's part of life,
I wonder where our lives will lead to...

Feels like it was just yesterday.
I pick you up late at night,
It was our first date.
And I was nervous,
Hearts was beating at a rapid rate.
I tried to play it cool,
And keep a straight face.

But deep inside,
I could feel my heart smiling.
The vibe was so strong,
I felt my heart beat pounding.

And then you grabbed my hand
And wrapped yours around it.
See, comfort takes time to build.
But we already found it.
And I loved it.

I wouldn't trade a second of it.
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Cause what we had was special,
I could feel what we had coming,
See we had the world to gain.
We had our lives to share.
But then the storm came,
And some things disappeared.

We started arguing,
And fighting over little shit.
It's all we did, I mean,
We barely even fucking kissed.

We both slipped,
While gravity just held us down.
I seen the pain within your eyes
And watched the tears fall out.

I wasn't perfect,
I fucked up very often
I called you out your name
When I was lost among the problem.

I never meant to cause you so much hurt, but I did.
And I tried to keep it cool, but all the bullshit made me trip.
And, yo, I'm sorry

But know you always have a friend in me.
And I just hope that you remember all the best in me.

Remember me for the times I made you smile
When it's all said and done, you know I made it worth your while

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