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Jaytekz - Ocean lyrics

It the ocean we've lost ourselves [2x]

Yeah, party on the weekends pouring up a couple bottles.
Living life every day like there was no tomorrow

See y'all don't understand the sacrifices that I've made.
Put my life into this shit, refuse to let my passion fade.

And people always got some shit to say.
See that you're progressing then they're quick as hell to call you fake

But that's just the way it goes.
They just want you at your lows.
Once you rise above, old acquaintances gon' turn to foes.

So I always put my family first.
They showed me love and guide me through ever since my birth

See, they done paved the way, I promise I'mma pay 'em back.
To give them everything they need, that's my only task.

It the ocean we've lost ourselves [2x]

Yeah, since day one, I've had the same team.
Never chose to call it quits, you see we shared the same dream.
Yeah, we had the same scheme.
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Had a fucking job to do.
Manager right by my side, CDV that's props to you.

Can't forget my grandparents, everything they've done for me.
Kept me on my feet, pushing forward so I would succeed.

All that I've become is all a product of their love.
When push came to shove, things were rough, they never pulled the plug.

So stay humble Jay, remember where you started from.
Up all night, writing downstairs is where it all begun

Everything that happens always serves a bigger purpose.
So even when you struggle, those are times meant for you to cherish.

It the ocean we've lost ourselves [2x]

It's like it all started in my head
It all started in my heart
And all this shit's finally coming together, man
It's the most beautiful thing ever
Started off for just a dollar
But holla at the dream
This shit's probably rose to a beautiful thing
It's a blessing, man
Thank you

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