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Jaytekz - It's Alright lyrics

Yo, these days are passing by
And everything I think of you.
Swallowed by regrets
So I grab a bottle, drink a few.

Sipping 'til I'm gone,
That's the only way I'll see it through.
Sitting on my lawn,
Reminiscing everything we'd do.

Sorry for my wrongs
And the way that I mistreated you (I'm sorry).
Never had no trust,
I refused to believe in you.

Took your love for granted,
Had no clue how I needed you.
I would give up all I have,
Just so I could be with you.

They say that true love lasts forever.
If it's real, you won't find someone else who's better.
Every second that we spent, I shall always treasure.
Every moment that we shared will always be remembered.

If you hear me,
Know I'm truly sorry.
You were more than just my love,
Yo, you were my heart beat
Thought that we would last,
Now these memories just haunt me.
Knew that I was slipping,
I'm just wishing that you caught me.

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It's alright [12x]
You know I got you, baby
You know you drive me crazy

My life is changing fast
And I'm still getting used to it.
Play a couple shows
Then I'm out here doing stupid shit

Yeah, I get some groupies,
But what the fuck is what to fix?
Life to me was more than just random broads and smashing chicks
I guess you really was my other half.
Through the ups and downs you would guide me through my deepest patch.
Now that you've been gone
It's like a part of me's been dis-attached.
Looking for myself but that part of me ain't coming back.

No matter what the future holds for us,
I just wish the best for you and hope that you can grow from us
Everything we shared
I can promise you were more than lust.
Know you probably found somebody else
Yo, and it fucking sucks

Either way, I wanna see you smile.
Cause you deserve the world even if I'm not around.
Whatever happens know you always have a friend on me,
One last kiss is all I need
So you can set me free.

It's alright [12x]
You know I got you, baby
You know you drive me crazy

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