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Jaytekz - In My Life lyrics

Hey, what up, little homie?
I wanna say
Don't pay attention to what
You don't can't stop ... doing, man.
I wanna say
Be yourself, man
Be a leader
No, listen to your mom, listen to your dad, listen to...
I wanna say
You got nobody to listen to, man
Listen to your heart
I fuck all that pear pressure bush
Listen to yourself

Yeah, I ain't tryna be someone I'm not
I ain't never saw the ... pop the fucking block
I ain't tryna be the toughest kid upon the block.
I'm just tryna make some change, open the world to what.

Cause nowadays they got it fucked up.
Yeah, sell drugs, pop sluts, all for tough luck.
Off for tough luck to gain some respect.
You're paying for yourself 'til there ain't nothing left

And that's the motto
That's the motto that the streets follow.
Live the day, you're a product of tomorrow sorrow.
Family crying and staring at their dad panic.
It happens everyday, it's more ... fucked hobby.

That's my biggest fear to be up in that casting
Dad ain't gone, washed away, yes, the rain's passing.
I ain't tryna die, I tryna live.
I tryna rise above,
I tryna flip this risk for these young kids

These young kids with no dad,
With no father figure walking down the wrong path.
Trapped up in the streets like there ain't no other option.
But trust me, young homie, you can find another outfit.
Find another outlet to be with all that bullshit.
And be yourself, young homie, fuck the cool kids.

Cause when it's all said and done
And nobody hear
When it's all said and done
... disappear.

You know you're worth it [2x]
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Nobody's perfect [2x]
You know you're worth it [2x]
Nobody's perfect [2x]

Yeah, they told me, "Jay, you gotta make some happy music.
Cause if you don't, ain't nobody gon' be ... to it.

But that's the problem
I ain't really been happy.
I guess my true for show when I start rapping.

Listen, I ain't tryna say I got it bad
I know I'm blessed but it's hard for me to understand
Why some things happen
Why some things don't
I try to take ...
But sometime that shocked

And then I feel the well freeze
My vision goes blurry, it's hard for me to breathe.
It's hard for me to see
So I start losing focus
Feel it so lost
I start feeling hopeless

So fuck
It's like a cycle, yo, that never ends.
The bullshit disappears then it comes again.
So I tell myself, "Jay, keep your head up!
You gotta keep moving forward.
Pick your legs up."

Cause this is life, yo
And nothing's perfect
And you're gon' find happiness if you deserve it
So I've been searching for my purpose with this music
Working every second, busy tryna make a movement

See, I know the world is watching me
I just hope it following my steps
I know the world is looking after me
And now I give that back until there's nothing left

You know you're worth it [2x]
Nobody's perfect [2x]
You know you're worth it [2x]
Nobody's perfect [2x]

I wanna say [3x]

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