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Jaytekz - Empty Thoughts lyrics

I don't know how to feel about this, man
I just need somebody to talk to, man
...real quick

Yo, all I got is my fucking self.
Broke as hell, I'm so far away from having wealth.
But I'mma keep grinding 'til I stack a hundred mill'.
Get the fuck up out the city.
Move my family to the hills!

'cause out here people getting killed.
Body after body, so much fucking blood is being spilled.
That's why I watch my back when I step in traffic.
I don't even band but I can still end up in that casket!

You think I'm proud of this shit I'm saying?
You think I'm proud of what this shit's become?
These are facts, yo, there's no debating.
Any day can very much be your last one!

I talked to pops just the other day,
But I was quiet, wasn't really much for me to say.
But deep inside I could feel myself breaking down.
Holding so much in, trying my best not to make a sound!

I just wanna see him finally free.
To get away from all that pain and that misery.
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So many years gone, we ain't ever getting back,
20 years past and he's still caught up in that trap!

And people ask me how my dad's doing,
Knowing damn well his situation's fucked up.
Doing time for some shit he never did.
Can't recover from that wound no matter what, that's a deep cut!

Got so much going through my brain,
So much pain I can feel flowing through my veins.
Can't explain but I'm going through a change
I ain't proud of who I am
So for that I'll take the blame!

I wish my uncle was still here
I wish my grandfather never left.
I wish death never came near,
And there was no such thing as a last breath!

It feels like it was just yesterday
Got a phone call saying that you passed away.
Up in that parking lot picking up some groceries,
Childhood--father, dear lord--that's what you stole from me!

I promise I'mma make you proud
Make you smile from the skies as you're looking down.
Guess I'm done, ain't nothing else for me to say.
Everything is in your hands, lord, let us pray.

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