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Jaytekz - Wipe Those Tears lyrics

[Verse 1: JayteKz]
I'm sick and tired being cheated on
Regardless I'ma always keep keeping on
You're heartless cause all them bitches that you've cheated on
You know you got a girl at home that you've been sleeping on
So how long have you been lying to their fucking face
I introduced you to my family, you stayed at my place
We even talked about our future and the kids we'd raise
I tried my best to make you happy, what a fucking waste
Damn, I really hope you realize your selfish ways
Karma's a salty ass bitch
I hope you get a taste
I made my mistakes but never once did I cheat on you
I had my chances but the only one I need was for you
Well, I guess I did mean that I need you
Now I see your true colors so damn deceitful
I see through it all, all of those miss calls
All those times you never came home of working 2 jobs
You fucking liar
You lit my heart on fire
Now all I feel is hate, wow once felt desire
I can't believe you did this shit, and how you hid this shit
And now I question if you ever did gave a shit
And what about all those times we was intimate
Were you acting was you ever really [?]
Yeah probably not because you was focused on the other bitches
I really thought you was the one, I can't believe you did this
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[Verse 2: Jaytekz]
Now I don't want to see your face again
You were nothing but a coward, a disgrace for men
You had a good woman, someone who was always there
And all them other hoes you've fucking with cannot compare
And I can guarantee that bitches are temporary
I was forever up in till we're dead and buried
"We're getting married"
That's that bullshit that you fed me huh?
But instead you stabbed me in the heart and left me numb
Fuck, I just wish I never met you
Wish I fell asleep and when I'd wake up I'd forget you
Wish this was a nightmare that I never went through
But the truth is this really happened and I must accept you
You piece of shit, I hope you found me satisfied
But once you see me moving on don't you ask surprised
Cause there is a whole lot of guys I can fall on
So don't you come back cause all we had is all gone
I hope you regret losing me
And I can bet you'll be losing sleep
You made a motherfucking fool of me
I had you down right, you cheated acting cool to me
Now how the fuck do you explain that?
Thinking "Love You" brings the pain back
I wish somehow I could erase that
These memories bring me down just like a plane crash

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