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Jaytekz - The Worst lyrics

Its Been A While Since
We Spoke
How You Doing
Hope Your Doing Good
In This Life Were Pursuing
I Know Its Been A While Since
We Last Met In Person
Hope That You Recovered
From The Past And The Hurting
Working On Myself To Be A Better Character
Im Looking Back And I Know I Wasn't
Fair To Yah
No Matter What Ima Always Be There For Yah
Cause This Is Me
This Is Who I Am
They Judge From The Outside But They Don't Understand
Of Course I Fucked Up
Im Still A Young Man
But Its All Part Of Life
Its All Part Of The Plan
Don't Give A Damn If They Hate me
All That Bullshit They Spoke Doesn't Faze Me
The Only One I Really Care For Is You
And IF They Told You Otherwise
I Promise It Ain't True
To This Day I Still Remember
When We First Started Talking In December
It Was Clever How We Used To Flirt Around
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Had The Same Job Used To Love How Work Would Sound
I Used To Love Picking in you
Joking On Each other Yoo !
I Was Slipping On You
Then We Grew Closer
Fell For You Harder
Things Got Deeper
Fell For You Hard
No Job Could be Steeper
Knew You Were A Keeper
Knew That You Was Worth It
Right By My Side Is Were You Stood When The Worst Hit
Worst Hit
So Perfect
How You Show Me Compassion
Always Held It Down Was Never Need For Asking
You Knew Me So Well
Sometimes I Think You Even Knew Me
Better Than Myself
Damn You Knew Me Better Than Myself
So When We Broke Up Its Like A Part Of Me Fell
I Just Really Wish The Best For You
And I Wish Nothing But Success For You
And None The Less Hope Your Happy
OverWhelm With Joy Every Second That Your Laughing
I Just Hope That You Remember Me
Cause I Know That Ill Remember You
I Just Hope You Ain't Forgetting Me
Cause I Know I Ain't Forgetting You

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