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Jaytekz - The Vent lyrics

This should be played at high volume
Preferably in a residential area

[Verse 1: Jaytekz]
Yo, this life I'm living yo its getting crazy
Fans all around the world and man it's so amazing
I never thought that I would take off this fast
The ones who said I wouldn't yo, yall can kiss my ass
Now the joke is on you, and the dream is on me
I was trying to wake em up, but they was stuck up in they sleep
I ain't have no time to waist yo, I had to prove em wrong
I knew my time was coming soon, I knew it all along
Now I'm taking flights, my plane touches down in Cali
A couple bad bitches waiting for me call me daddy
They tell me J you sweet, let me take you too my street
I'm a bring you to the crib, and I'm a give yo ass a treat
My bad I probably sound super rude
But honestly there's nothing special just an average dude
Who writes music when his life is getting complicated
And makes the saddest songs every time his heart is breaking
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I know the bitches love the heartbreak songs
And I know the dudes hate that shit
Some of yall like it but most of yous hate it
But fuck you and fuck you again

[Verse 2: Jaytekz]
I lost a couple people on my way
But that's what happens when you got yo fucking mind straight
Cause times wasted when you waiting for a miracle
Happiness is out there but you got to go and get it bro
You got to go and get it bro
Got to spread yo wings man
Do what makes you happy homie
Fuck what they think man
Fuck what they speak man
People always talk
But when they see yo progress
They hanging on yo balls
They hanging on yo balls
But when they see yo progress
They hanging on yo balls

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