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Jaytekz - The Struggle lyrics

Everybody has a struggle
Questions everywhere yo this life is a puzzle
Everybody has their own story
Everybody has a page when its fuckin' pourin'
Everybody feels pain
Everybody feels what's so hard to explain
Yeah but this is life homie
This is life
This is life
This is life, homie

[Verse 1]
Yo imagine life without a stuggle everyday is sunny
Where happiness is really free ain't no need for money
When happiness only shines in the shadow
For those who had their eyes closed over come the battles
Sometimes I wonder how this life would be
For one day my dad was out of the penitentiary
I'd hold him tight, I'd never let him go
Without him I ain't shit he's my heart, mind, and soul
I miss my mother so damn much
I'm trying to cover up these tears that she can't touch
She changed and it kills me inside
I'd do anything to have her back in my life
I pray to god every single day
He takes away from this pain which has overcame
Who I am, and who I'm trying to be
A man with a message, a man with a dream
If this is life what the fuck is love
If love is kind who gonn' fuck it up
Cause everybody knows nothing lasts forever
When everything is good that's the moment that you tresure

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[Chorus] x2

[Verse 2]
These past months been the hardest that I'm going through
Joel changed yo fuck it man I know it's true
What you expect man my uncle just killed himself
I wish he'd take that will to just rebuild himself
If I could I'd turn back the hands of time
I'd try to show him that there is light if you let it shine
But I guess not, cause now he's gone
So I let him live through the soul of my song
I know the struggle will be worth it all
I know the struggle will be worth the fall
See every day is another lesson
And every sunrise is a life that we're blessed with
I tell my family every single day
I'm grateful for all the love that they gave to me
They hold me down when I'm on the ground
Tell me they love me and nigga that's the sweetest sound
I promise dad i won't give up
Raise my head and let my chest pick up
Never back down, I put my fist up
Cause life is a battle yo it's just what it consists of
This is me til' the day I die
This is me til' the day I fly
In the skies looking down at what life was
You can be yourself just put yourself in god's trust


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