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Jaytekz - The One lyrics

Yo I Must Admit That Your Pretty Close To Perfect
And Every Time I See Your Smile I Get Kind Of Nervous
I Wanna Tell You How I Feel But I Ain't Build Up The Courage
To Be Completely Real Your The One I Wanna Cherish
I Know Were Only Friends But I Can Show You Much More
And I Can Keep You Warm When The Rain Starts To Pour
I Promise You Ima Keep You Calm Through Every Storm
And Ima Hold You In My Palms Cause Your Such Like A [?] l
Now I Ain't Trying To Scare You Off Man
Thats Why I Keep This To Myself In My Thoughts Man
I Never Knew You'd Really Make Me Fall Man
I Never Knew That Love Could Be This Strong Man
But Here I Am Falling Deeper Every Second
My Heart Starts Skipping Every Time Your Name Is Mentioned
I Know I Sound Corny Yo But Fuck It I Ain't Trynna Front
I Ain't Trynna Miss My Change Yo Cause You Can Be The One
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So Let Me Show You Kick Back And Hold You
When Your Feeling Lost I Can Be The One You Go To
Know You Probably Been Catching The Same Vibes
I Feel It In Your Smile When I Staring In Your Eyes Lord
I Guess Got It Pretty Bad Huh
Cause Every Time You Come Around I Start To Act Up
I Start Stuttering And I Start Choking On My Words
I Held This On My Chin But I Think Its Ready To Disperse
I Said I Think Its Ready To Disperse So Ima Tell You How I Feel
Even If It Hurts Cause Nothings Guaranteed
So Ima Take My Chance And If You Feel The Same
Then Baby You Can Take My Hands
And I Ain't Letting Go Even If The Sky If Falling
Ill Hold You Tight By My Side Fixing All The Problems
I And I Ain't Giving Up On You Cause Your The One For Me
If This Is Real This Should Last Us An Internity
This Should Last Us An Internity If This Is Real It Should Last Us An Internity

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