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Jaytekz - Over Again lyrics

Yoo These Memories They Come
These Memories They Go
You Cant Relieve Them Twice
And Thats What Hurts The Most
I Held You Close But Now I Never See You
I Guess Its Part Of Life
I Wonder Where Our Lives Will Lead To
Feels Like It Was Just Yesterday
I Picked You Up Late At Night
It Was Our First Date
And I Was Nervous
Heart Was Beating At A Rapid Rate
I Tried To Play It Cool
And Keep A Straight Face
But Deep Inside I Could Feel My Heart Smiling
The Vibe Was So Strong
I Felt My Heart Beat Pounding
And Then You Grabbed My Hand
And Wrapped Your Around It
See Comfort Takes Time To Build
But We Already Found It And I Loved It
And I Wouldn't Trade A Second Of It
Cause What We Had Was Special
I Could Feel What WasComing
See We Had The World To Gain
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We Had Our Lives To Share
But Then The Storm Came
And Something Disappeared
We Started Arguing And
Fighting Over Little Shit
Its All We Did
I Mean We Barely Even Fucking Kisses
We Both Slipped While Gravity
Just Held Us Down
I See The Pain Within your Eyes And Watched The Tears Fall Out
I Wasn't Perfect
I Fucked Up Very Often
I Called You Out Your Name
When I Was Lost Among The Problem
I Never Meant To Cause You So
Much Hurt But I Did
And I Tried To Keep It Cool
But All The Bullshit Made Me Trip
And Yoo Im Sorry
But You Know You Always Have A
Friend In Me
And I Just Hope You Remember All The Best In Me
Remember Me For The Times I Made You Smile
When Its All Said And Done
You Know I Made It Worth Your While

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