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JaySing - SoCiety lyrics

Craftily cackling
clenched Knuckles Cracking crackling
Cops cooking crack Cocaine
Chickens clucking
Cocking clips

catch Kings constructing Cryptic canons
causing Conniptions
Composing clever Compositions
crash Competition's Composure
Concocting Cacophonous cocktails
Cynically Critiquing credited Caucuses
Collapsing confined Cranial Constructs
Construct coveted Cadences
Conveying connected Concepts

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Conceited crowns
Conceal catered Conflict
confide Confidently
Conducting k**ings
Cropping Conduct
Calculating Cost
causing Confused Collisions
Corrupted Contact
creating Convicts
casually Condoning Casualties

Careful cheek Condensation conveys
contrite cosmetic Condolence
Curved cornea covering Condemnation
coerce Coroner
call the Carpenter
Somebody please call the Carpenter...

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