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JaySing - Innocent Winter lyrics

Cold wind blows through bare trees,
They no longer bear leaves and if they do just barely.
Coats buttoned as people walk briskly through the brisk and bitter air ,
With hands stuffed deeply in pockets.
On frigid nights, the lights on the bare trees glow gorgeously warm.
The children say it looks like the branches bore stars the way they once bore leaves.
The children are stars whose smiles are as warm as their hearts
And the hot cocoa their mothers gave them
As they snuggled deep within toasty blankets ,
Like the hands stuffed within the pockets in the cold.
The world is cold but they don't know it yet.
All they know is that Santa is coming!
And bringing gifts and toys to every girl and boy who's been good
Oh I wish that were true , I wish I knew that too...

They know drawing pictures of snowman in the frost on the windows of the car
Snow angels in the backyard,
Using hills for sledding and snow flake sheets for bedding and
" Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at your nose ",
Nosing through the house in search of presents just in case Santa came early.
They know Christmas Songs rejoicing in the birth of The Lord ,
Holiday choruses caroling
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Giving gifts to the poor
Joyfully believing that this alone could change their lives.
Oh I wish that were true , I wish I knew that too...

Blissful innocence reminiscent of snow glistening as your
" Walking in a winter wonderland "
with eyes full of wonder as the toy you saw in the store appeared magically under the tree ,
And your parents say
"See, look what Santa brought you”
As they share secret smiles,
their eyes twinkle like the stars that reside within a child's heart

But on "Silent Nights" I ponder the fate of newborn kings and queens
With laughter that rings like silver bells and children's dreams,
Where three Magi bring gifts to every manger.
Wondering if one day they'll chase mistletoe and materialism
Think of love as a euphemism and fall victim to consumerism like us.
Forget the meaning of Christmas and pursue the meaningless
No longer see magic in the winter air and a universe in a snow flake
Just cold stares that only can see a world of heart break
And my heartaches , cause I wish it wasn't true ,
I wish the world knew what children do ,
I wish I did too.
I barely remember when I knew...

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