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JaySing - How About Now Remix lyrics


Girl how about now?
How about now?

[Verse 1]
Was this a moment
Or are you just a moment
In time, I guess I'll find out but for now
Just rewind and watch as we fell in love
Or was it just me ?
Why'd you leave what we had ?
I wonder what we did have
Like girl was it that bad
I know I'm bad you were all I had
Now all these songs are all I have left of you
Now the only thing left to do is go, just go
Yet sill I wonder how about now
Right bout now
I bet you hate me now
Bet you in your feelings
Right bout now

I know your intentions now
Bet you want my attention
Right bout now

Wonder where we'd be right now
Wish you didn't leave
Right bout now

I bet you tripping now
Cuffing season feel vicious
Right bout now

I bet you hate me now
Bet you seeing my face
Right bout now
I bet you hate me now

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[Verse 2]
Girls control temptation not emotion
It's the opposite for us guys
So half the time our I love yous are just lust wrapped in disguise
The other half we mean it but you think our words are just lies
We are complex contradictions you can see it all in our eyes
If I was honest I'd say I love you
But I'm not, so I don't
And I won't, my pride won't let me
Just let it be, can't let it be
Don't wanna just ,leave us like this
Really might just have to leave you like this
Cause you say you love me, but your actions say different
They speak louder than words, shorty haven't you heard ?
That I rather stay distant
If we can't make commitments
You say it's not the distance
So then baby what is it ?
But I guess you were never mine
Apple of my eye, now a line in a rhyme


It's crazy how indifference and years have turned us into strangers
Accept in my late night thoughts, then these feelings get dangerous
And I don't think there is anyway we could change this
But you probably won't hear this , till I'm already famous
So I shouldn't even care right ?
And I don't, well not too much
This is just a way for me to clear the air If I'm being honest
I hate putting my business out
But this is a special occasion
It's not everyday when I'm in this situation

And I hope you hear this
And I hope you play this
And I hope you hate it
And I hope your okay ,( right bout now )
Your probably doing just fine, ( right bout now )

Right bout now x2

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