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Jay-oker - Jay oker freestyle lyrics

It jay on this beat yo can feel your mind shake

Throwing verses castle this is an heavy staff you need some mustle

IM killing this beat and murdering fake niggerz

My verse is so fit like it has been on a diet

Yo niggerz yo wack so i dont see why yo still bussy

Going aroud in cercle like the seconds on the clock

You are like a clown without a cercus to run

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If money is an conversation yo niggers yo broke(blank)

Yo voice sow thin even yo punchlines ain't strong to make me think

Yo swagg is wack yo bussy smilling and yo eyes sweat

They sweat becouse of what i just sat i swear( i swear)

I hope you got what iv sat nad ya nigga dont get sad

I ws just only bieng honest with ya nothing more nothingless

#jay oker

Im out

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