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Jay-oker - Think twice lyrics

JAY on his intro let me get down wth it

Gng fast as the light thy cn call it chasing the speed

Havng my own world at my own time behind my eye lids

Thy be sayng mind the gap i got the gap bhind my back

Thy be sayng the sky is the limit nd iv being sayng pluto is the bgining

So hard unalizng my lines lyk readng the starz in the sky

Hip hop is the gme i play evry day nd nw m getng smarter at it
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(oh my god)(jesus)the hood stood by me as the bible stood by thm

And nw m sayng daym crz evry day i throw verses ((sorry))

Being fast as the lighhhtt wher is the speed

Mayn i mean no lie at wat ever i sphew

İ ain't no re-writting history but im writing it future

İf life is a game a refuse to loose so i welcum the cheats so i can live

That ain't just anybody's path its the path of legents lyk me OKER

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