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[Verse 1] I may not have the loudest voice, but everybody matters White or black, gay or straight, it doesn't really matter Everybody human and we all deserve respect So f** them racist candidates that run for president Them corrupt motherf**ers only care 'bout delegates I wonder what's your real motive if you run my government It's for the people, I'm concerned about my freedom And between Trump and Hilary a n***a choosing neither I don't think they really fit to be my country's leader But time is running out, election day is getting nearer If it was up to me I'd paint the white house red To symbolize all the blood that America shed I shed a tear for lives taken by America's hands Too many lives cut short, thank you Uncle Sam And to my brothers pointing pistols at each other Cut the beef and put em down, we gotta work together I hate that we always gotta watch for police I always gotta check myself but I just wanna walk the streets in peace Don't got a piece but the boys don't believe Unless they stop and check my nuts, I'm feeling mistreated Serve and protect, that bullsh** is misleading I know a couple Robin Hoods, stealing just to feed the needy And they ain't greedy, they just wanna see their people eating Those the type of people that you lock up in a precinct? Remember Dylan Roof, he got a vest and a burger If he was black it's no arrest, shots fired, it's murder Media be greasing, always bashing my people I wear my pants below my waist and i get labeled as evil The white criminals get labeled misguided Bulssh**, that n***a crazy, news reporters y'all tried it You played yourself, and that white boy that raped the girl He gotta serve his time, don't give him less cause his skin is pale [Bridge] A lot of people wanna be on top, I want equality My moms is worried when I leave the house, the cops will target me Living in fear in the land of the free How could I live in a place where justice ain't for me [Verse 2] Something tells me this will make your heart break Make your spine tingle, maybe do a little shake So he a bad kid cause he smoking some weed? Check that n***a grades, all his tests is 90s Go 'head talk to him, you might learn a thing or two He might put you on to some crazy you never knew But that ain't nothing new he been like that He got the keys to success so he win like that It's two things, hard work and loyalty Forgot about humility, even if you royalty Brothers and sisters, love yourselves first Stop searching for acceptance in this world full of hurt Just keep it real and the real gon' feel you All the fake n***as hating, they just trying to k** you Physically and mentally but don't let it get to you Just be like Birdman, they all gotta have respect for you Don't be a dick cause nobody likes a stiff sh** Just take your W and watch them have a sick fit Overcome the odds, they don't wanna see us win It's way too many boundaries placed on black kids

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