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[Bruce Lee] Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water... [verse] Stressing over music, not just working on a single I'm tryna make my tape rock, this something you could feel too It ain't about the money or a milly hits on youtube This music helped me out, I'm just tryna help you too That's what the demo about, contribute to the culture Won't catch me scavenging for scraps, lookin like a vulture Cause i'll be god damned if i take some leftovers The world, sh** is mine, and I'm here to take it over Ain't tryna be a platinum rapper, Jay already Gxlden That trapping getting stale, sounding like your records broken I'm in my own lane how I'm running all these tracks You can't break me down cause the flow is intact Wait, run it back, the flow is intact I stick it to you n***as like a mayweather jab You better duck like ali, you n***as can't stop me And this is just the intro, welcome to the demo, hey [hook] Welcome to the demo, welcome to my life These are just the thoughts that resonate inside my mind Thank you for your patience ima make it worth your time Look inside of my soul, gxld is what you gon find (hey!) Gxld is what you gon' find (hey!) Lets get back to the grind [verse] Writer's block a b**h but I'm hoping that yall feel this You listen to what I'm saying, get the vibes that I'm dishing Too many n***as dissing, pa**ing ill wishes But you know GXLD, spreading love is my mission Gossip, gossip, n***as better stop it Don't waste your time talking sh** go out and make a profit Grind to the top, all the haters at the bottom Flex on them n***as while they sit there and watch it I don't give a damn 'bout the negativity I'm surrounded by love man that sh** dont get to me You know they say your judged by the company you keep Well, i must be great cause i love the damn team Good vibes and good people is all around me sh**, I must be blessed, or just really f**ing lucky My life a blessing all the girls wanna - nah im just playing [hook] [outro] x2 Play ya speakers loud, the world gotta hear this Roll ya windows down ya whole block gonna feel this Got a long way to go, this is only the beginning The start of something great, i got a good feeling

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