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Jason Wade - Who We Are lyrics

[Verse 1]
Live my life around a picture
Taken when we met
Spending all of my time
Chasing your silhouette
For all we go through
I don't wanna change you
It's my mind running in reverse

[Chorus 1]
Trying not to forget
Who we were
Where it's at
Here we go

[Chorus 2]
And we break and we burn
And we turn it inside out
To take it back to the start
And through the rise and falling apart
We discover who we are
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[Verse 2]
Struggling with my thoughts
Change the locks inside my head
Reading between the lines
Of what you say, and what you said
I turn the radio on
To drown me out
Driving through the night to nowhere

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

And it's all
To the wind
It's all
In our hands

[Chorus 2]

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