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Jason Wade - The Beginning lyrics

[Verse 1]
Tainted, has our love gone cold?
In a place that's bitter and broken
We tasted of a world unknown
Surely there must be something better, something forever

Hello, from the world below
While I'm watching the sun burning
As the road is slowly turning
When I know that in letting go
While I'm learning how to live
Through a life I have to give

[Verse 2]
Walking past the city lights
Silence can be so disturbing
You'll find me standing in the night
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The stars never seem so unending, so unending


But we painted almost everything without
There remains our shadows and the stones
Tell me where did we go wrong?
Can we just move on?


Well, hello to the world below
While I'm watching the world spinning
This night seems so unending
Well, I'll follow to a place I know
That's only the beginning
Start over after ending

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