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[Verse 1] All I want now is to be with you Cause you know I've been everywhere else Looking back at what you got me through You knew me better than I knew myself When I feel lost and I can't find my way When words are at a loss I can hear you say [Chorus] I'll be by your side, when all hope has died I will still be around oh and I, I'm still on your side When everything's wrong, I will still be around By your side [Verse 2] Fighting my way back to where you are The only place I ever felt at home Stumbling backwards through the dark I know how it feels to be alone And where we go is where I wanna be And in the silence I hear you say to me [Chorus] [Verse 3] I can't wait another day to show my space between Your heart and mine, and you're all that I need You say I [Chorus] By your side [5x]

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