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Jason Thugs-M-Futurama - Cave Yo' Handle War lyrics

Come wit you nothin' sh**down, Cave Yo' Handle War (3x)

Robot is (...?...), When I time of a broken
n***as you will then' around wit you
Comin' you are (....?...), k** ya
HOUSE OF 9, (...?...) lies
The Bender Jason Futurama is plant me
The mothef**a ?
Pull the trigger you hate me as to born they when a k** (...?...), tell 'em ya
Put the rapper's name is brackets above his verse


Came I cry' n***a ? cemetary
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'fo?' now is (...?...) here ?
It's the Jason Thugs and SpongeBob SquarePants, I have me
Tryin to k** a n***a (...?...) sound ?


I never ? now ?
I cause (...?...) k** a n***a f**in' sh**
? k** a 'n***a'?


(...?...) house of 9 ?
? 'em fillin' mind ?

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