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Jason Thugs-M-Futurama - Deep 096' (The Gatekeeper) lyrics

Stupid stupid b**hes boy-oh Patrick Star stop please
Patrick Star cemetary stupid boy-oh
No you don't Patrick, you idiot he can't be f**az
[Patrick Star motherf**a freeze face]
Patrick Star I can't believe it
(Alright get out in here)

Pearl: Four guys from the Jason Thugs-M-Futurama
These case number E901666
Squidward: Do you mind slackers f**ers lies
Cause be no lies for you back these helpers
Relax represent Philip J. Fry
Fry: Shut up
[Need the stupid b**hes anymore]

Squidward: Can't see you my everyday this day

(Squidward laughs)

Verse 1: Philip J. Fry
Fail 'em no how this business
From the ?
Dr. Zoidberg throat these shot are nose (HEeeeeeey!)
From the Mill' Nickstapz from the ?
Just see me <-disgusting->
From the <-shot-> we people
<-feel the darkside-> the deep reef
Cloud, the <-shoot 'em head->
<-Town deep from the k**ed-> too
[Lyrics from: https:/]
<-I can't be k**ed me, jinx!->

Verse 2: Dr. Zoidberg
Fallen' 'em I sweared, slippin' the hard
<-k**ed him-> I k** 'em b**h
<-disgusting trails-> now the hell from the witch
Everydone this 'em grave from the grave 'em from the pave from the grave
<-but evil-> we everyone
b**h y'all <-dead bodies->
From the ?
<-I can't be k**ed me, jinx!->

Bridge: [Philip J. Fry and Dr. Zoidberg]
Every 'em the Prince Paul no hook again just Fry and Zoidberg
I can't be k**ed me, jinx
[I told you me first from the hell anymore]

Verse 3: Bender Rodriguez
Robotic Voice the Bender Rodriguez from the Voice
No way everyday
It's the ?
Ins the slug we plug
Crossroads these slash you hands around from the blood
Dog, violent ?

(L.A., L.A.)
(L.A., L.A.)
(L.A., L.A.)
(L.A., L.A.)

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