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Jason Thugs-M-Futurama - Dead Dead Dead lyrics

[Fry] (whispering)
Quiet quiet motherfucka
I most there...I most there
I most there motherfucka...Deep up motherfucka deep up
[Cow moo sound effects]
Where I go
Fuck..come here mothafucka come here
Mothafucka ran to you motherfucka so..
Stop bitchassniggaz!

I'm mill' nickstapz, oh
Meganswords be says he dark
Dead Dead Dead
We get cause nuff' strife..
Could be nigga car

Robotic Voice, the Bender Rodriguez
I was pain ? he deep
No apily ???????????? last turn ??????????
Gangsta thugs, no pain
Dark he night, he don't be afraid of the dark
Over my ?, no way
I pain this stress struck I can motherfucka
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Sleep now to and finger to your behind with and a back??!!
[Gun cock]
You nigga and sleep and have fucking now to the darkside..right now
[Man Cops of Cookie Monster]
We can be idiot
Have your kill those horror movie..

Can't done can't bone
We can make ?
You can make wanna die you know they done from a cold blooded
A rest from the cold blooded, you wanna die can't be nothing
Be the bloody man stork man feel you
I can't be you steel, can't see
The bloody we kill you have die wanna keeper
He never flesh you coming do this
No problems in the lamb, no make
Pain this blood rushes
Can't be nigga
[Police Brain]
I can't see my say you still be can make us
No die wanna keep find that
Hole that be ?
[Police Lois]
Yeah I can't be jump
No praying he Regular Show
[Police Peter]
Cop police he say lies
Than you keep be life
[Police Stewie (Chris)]
Can't you see me (plant me cops he party)
He's coming (no problems)

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