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Jason Thugs-M-Futurama - Dead Dead Dead lyrics

[Fry] (whispering)
Quiet motherf** quiet motherf**a
I most there...I most there
I most there motherf**a...Deep up motherf**a deep up
[Cow moo sound effects]
Where I go
f**..come here mothaf**a come here
Mothaf**a ran to you motherf**a so..
Stop b**ha**n***az!

I'm mill' nickstapz, oh
Meganswords be says he dark
Dead Dead Dead
We get cause nuff' strife..
Could be n***a car

Robotic Voice, the Bender Rodriguez
I was pain ? he deep
No apily ???????????? last turn ??????????
Gangsta thugs, no pain
Dark he night, he don't be afraid of the dark
Over my ?, no way
I pain this stress struck I can motherf**a
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Sleep now to and finger to your behind with and a back??!!
[Gun cock]
You n***a and sleep and have f**ing now to the darkside..right now
[Man Cops of Cookie Monster]
We can be idiot
Have your k** those horror movie..

Can't done can't bone
We can make ?
You can make wanna die you know they done from a cold blooded
A rest from the cold blooded, you wanna die can't be nothing
Be the bloody man stork man feel you
I can't be you steel, can't see
The bloody we k** you have die wanna keeper
He never flesh you coming do this
No problems in the lamb, no make
Pain this blood rushes
Can't be n***a
[Police Brain]
I can't see my say you still be can make us
No die wanna keep find that
Hole that be ?
[Police Lois]
Yeah I can't be jump
No praying he Regular Show
[Police Peter]
Cop police he say lies
Than you keep be life
[Police Stewie (Chris)]
Can't you see me (plant me cops he party)
He's coming (no problems)

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