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Jason Meadows - 18 Video Tapes lyrics

One day little Billy said "momma, where's my dad?"
Fightin' back the tears she said "I knew one day you'd ask"
She walked him down the hallway, to a closet with a safe
Said "I think you'll find the answer right here, in these 18 video tapes"
See the doctors told him he'd be gone before you were born
And it broke his heart to know he'd never hold you in his arms
Determined not to let you grow up learnin from mistakes
He put everything he thought you'd need to know, on 18 video tapes

Like here's the way you hold a bat,
Be sure to keep that shoulder back
And when you cast that rod and reel,
Well use your wrist its in the feel,
Or when you learn to ride your bike
I'll tell you now that you won't like those training wheels
But your momma will

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That day one momma showed him one of them a year
Sometimes it was almost like his dad was really there
Sometimes he laughed, sometimes he cried
But he always walked away
Havin' learned another lesson from his dad, in those 18 video tapes

Like when you shave don't get too close
Lose the hair but leave the nose
And when your momma gives you my old truck
Don't drive too fast or ride the clutch
Don't listen to your buddies son
when the conversation comes to the birds and bees
Just go to tape 18

Well I just need to tell you one more thing before I go
It wont be long you'll have a little baby of your own
Be there for 'em every day, no matter what it takes

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